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Christ's Law of Love: Sunday School Lesson Introduction
  1. The Royal Law of Love
  2. The Law of Love by Tom Ascol
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God and Christ love us with a mature, perfect love.

The Royal Law of Love

The plan by which they lead requires mortal instruments of their love. We have the great honor to be invited to be such instruments. We need them, but they also need us. In this service we find the roots of most of those blessings that God wants us to enjoy.

Is the God-Centeredness of God Precious?

Once I was invited by a civic organization to present an award of recognition to the person who had done the most to help handicapped people in the area. When the honored lady, who was herself severely handicapped, came to the podium to receive her award, she walked between two stalwart men assisting her, with another wheeling an oxygen tank on a carrier behind her, helping her to breathe. She protested her unworthiness but accepted the award on behalf of all others who had been helpful to the handicapped.

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She told how her saintly father had prepared her for her first day at school and then left his office to come home to meet her when she returned. That was her one qualification, she said: she had tried to be more fair and more kind to others than a few of them had sometimes been to her. To those who so serve he promised eternal life see Matt. After a powerful sermon on prayer and the spirit of it, the prophet Amulek declared:.

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  8. That spirit is still operative among the people of the Church. For several years in the refugee camps in Asia, young representatives of the Church have served special mission assignments preparing those choice people to live in this country.

    The Law of Love by Tom Ascol

    Your values come through like a ton of bricks. The people whom they served have looked upon them with almost the reverence that they might have bestowed upon the Savior himself. My life will never be the same again. Across the world, such individual investment of self in service is happening, following the example and teachings of the Lord, who laid upon the altar his very life for the blessing of others.

    Pastor John Gray — The Law of Love

    In this city at this moment, a noble, unselfish young lady who has experienced her own travails serves nearly around the clock at the bedside and in the anxious home of her sorely ill sister, having interrupted her own cherished and long-struggled-for graduate studies to help. A promising young man has not returned to a prestigious university in the East because he has discovered during his summer break at home that a friend, with whom he had foolishly tampered briefly with an addictive substance which he himself then quit and never touched again, has gone on with the habit and is now addicted.

    The scholar stays home to help, saying that this is the most important thing he has to do. It is inseparable from them and the spirit of them. It is well known to us institutionally; indeed, the Church to which we have the honor to belong is celebrated for knowing and acting upon it on occasions of great need across the earth. This Page MP3. Please enable and try again.

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