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Imagine motoring along the Amalfi coast in a cherry-red Ferrari.

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You understand that life is as much about the journey as it is the destination. Enjoy your ride. Vesuvius buried 2, people under a layer of dust, lava, and stone. What better place to take pictures than Italy? Where else than Italy should you spend your honeymoon? Getting Wet Whatever your reason is for wanting to learn la bella lingua of Italian, you need to begin somewhere. Before you even get to Italy, your viaggio begins with your intent. However, you also might want to consider some of the following tips.

Immerse Yourself—Literally! The key is to familiarize yourself with the language by reading it. Context is key: Absorb the significance of a parola by looking at the words surrounding it. Speaking of the power of words, inspiration often comes from the unexpected.

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Go to your bookstore and leaf through several books in the Italian language section. See what interests you. Barrons has a terrific book that concentrates exclusively on verbs, aptly called Italian Verbs. Italian publications, especially magazines, are usually quite entertaining, full of glossy, color ads and interesting facts.

The elegant world of la moda fashion , il viaggio travel , and la cucina food are three popular topics. Pick up a copy and figure out the contents by studying the titles. Also, the next time a friend takes a trip to Italy, ask him or her to bring back the in-flight magazine if it has both Italian and English.

Alitalia produces a wonderful publication that has the Italian and the English side by side. Every week, make it a ritual to sit in front of your televisione for educational purposes, naturally. Needless to say, you want the subtitled versions stay away from anything dubbed—a character is his voice. Listen to the actors and mimic them, or simply read the translations and enjoy. You will absorb far more if you are relaxed and having fun.

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Try to make out the different words within each frase. Isolate words that are repeated. Make it a challenge and see how many words you understand. Get the Right Tools Invest in a good bilingual dictionary, preferably one printed in Italia that offers various features, such as stress accentuation many dictionaries will indicate irregularly stressed syllables and parts of speech.

Flash cards are also a good resource. You can pick up a box of flash cards at any bookstore, or you can make your own. That unused box of business cards from your old job, or unused pages from your last address book are perfetto. Tune In!

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Find out what station has Italian news. RAI, the Italian television and radio network, airs programs every day. Even though it will sound as though they are speaking a million miles a minuto, exposing your ears to the lingua will evolve into understanding it. Find Birds of a Feather Study the lingua with a friend.

enter Practice together, and maybe invest in a private tutor to meet with you every couple of weeks. The costo is usually reasonable considering the kind of attenzione you will receive, and it will be good incentive to keep up with your studies. Play It Again, Salvatore Make tapes of yourself speaking Italian, and then play these tapes to a native Italian speaker your new friends, the waiter in the local ristorante, your nonna, or anyone who will listen. Ask them to evaluate your linguistic strengths and weaknesses. Many people find that, as with all new projects, they are hard-working and organized for the first few lessons, but then life gets in the way … and you know the rest.

There is nothing to stop you from obtaining this goal.

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At times, your progresso will be obvious; other times, you will wonder what, if anything, is being accomplished. Whether you devote 10 minuti a day every giorno, or two hours a week on Sundays, stick to your programma. Make it up the next week. Grammar is simply a tool for learning a language. You figured out how to communicate your needs and understand what your mamma was telling you long before you could identify an adjective, noun, or verb. Grammar is simply the vocabolario, as any trade will have, used in language learning.

Fear not. Lots of them. You never know what mistake might end up being a discovery. Would we recognize Christopher Columbus if he had made it to India?

As the result of a major wrong turn, he stumbled upon the Americas. The Italians are among the most warm, hospitable, easygoing, open-minded people you will ever meet. Say buon giorno good day every time you walk into an establishment, and watch the response. They are listening to what you are trying to express, not what mistakes you may have made.

You start at the beginning. One foot in front of the other, an entire continente can be traversed, step by step. Now, as a fun exercise, go back through this chapter and count how many new Italian words you learned just for showing up here—and without even trying! Remember that la lingua is simply a means to communicate your thoughts to another persona.

If you can learn to speak one language, you can learn to speak another. Whether it takes you three months or three years, one step in front of the other is the way you will achieve your goals. Find your pace. Stick with it. Italian films have made us laugh so hard our sides hurt, yet we can never escape the teatro without having dabbed at the corners of our eyes at least once. Italian lingo ciao, bravo, ancora! This chapter offers you a different eye on the Italian language and compares it with English. It also gives a summary of different parts of grammatica and attempts to take away some of the intimidation factor that often accompanies learning a new lingua.

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Within the Italian peninsula lived the Estrucans giving Tuscany its name , Faliscans, Oscans, Umbrians, and a slew of other tribes. These Italic languages all contributed to the eventual development of the language we now recognize as Italian. It is not clear when Italian became a distinct language from Latin, since no Italian text has been recorded before the tenth century; however, we do know that by the fourth century, St.

Jerome had translated the Bible from Latin into the language spoken by the common people. Latin Lovers The history of the Italian language spans centuries and begins with classical Latin, the literary language of ancient Roma and the language used principally by the upper classes, the educated, and later the clergy—hence the term Romance languages from which French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Rumanian are also derived.

These languages were all offshoots, or dialects. Italian is the Romance language closest to Latin. La Bella Lingua Set aside a predetermined amount of study time that you can realistically commit toward your goal of learning Italian. As a result, many small words in modern English have their origins in Latin, a hop from Italian. Keep in mind that English is a much broader language than Italian in terms of the sheer number of words it possesses. A commonly used superlative in English is —est which is attached to adjectives to describe the smallest, biggest, or best.

In Italian, this would be expressed with the ending —issimo, as in the adjective bellissimo very beautiful, gorgeous. In spite of the fact that Italian has fewer words than English, Italians have no difficulty expressing themselves, as you will find out for yourself. A superlative expresses the extreme, or highest degree of something, such as bello beautiful and bellissimo gorgeous.

How Do You Say …? Dialect A dialect is a variation of a language, usually particular to a region and often quite different from the standard spoken vernacular.