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  1. Eddy was our friend
  2. David Eddie - The Globe and Mail
  3. He’s A Friend

He had tremendous impact on countless lives. In the days that followed, there has been something deeply significant missing: an empty chair, a phone unanswered, a prank undone. Death certainly has a sting. The thing about grief is it never truly ends; it changes. Grief is not a sign of weakness nor a signal of lacking faith.

Grief is the price of love.

Eddy was our friend

The only way not to grieve is not to love. We grieve differently, unlike the rest of the world who has no hope. We grieve with hope. There is a secret to the kingdom of God.

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Out of our darkness, God always is working to bring light to the darkest situations. We grieve, but with the hope of the resurrected Christ, we believe in our darkness that Eddy began his new life in the presence of our Risen Savior. Today I would do anything to rewind the clock.

David Eddie - The Globe and Mail

I believe in miracles, and I would love to have seen a miracle on Aug. Eddy Curry was a gift, a gift to his family, his church and to the broader Texas Baptist family.

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For the miracle God gave us in Eddy, we say an overwhelming thanks be to God for Eddy. Views expressed are those solely of the author. We seek to inform, inspire and challenge you to live like Jesus. Click to learn more about Following Jesus. Send an email to Eric Black, our editor. Maximum length for publication is words.

Classified Ads. Voices: Grieving a friend: Eddy Curry October 17, Share this article. More from Baptist Standard. One day in my office, I looked up to see him approaching me like a cat stalking a chipmunk. I was tempted to tell him to take that vile and unproductive thing off my desk. But what was I afraid of?

He’s A Friend Lyrics

Higgins, looked about as intimidating as a Brussels sprout. It was barely as thick as my thumb, and when I flicked through it, I noticed that there was almost as much margin on its pages than text. No, I thought, this would be easy. But that night, my plans to stop after the first skimpy page was thwarted when I became embroiled in a criminal conspiracy to supply guns to a gang of mob-connected Boston bank robbers.

I rode blindfolded in the floorboard of a car with a kidnapped bank manager, surrounded by Scalisi and his cohorts, then hung out with Treasury Agents, Foley and Waters, as they tried to figure out what Coyle was up to. Before I knew it, I had witnessed Coyle being murdered by his friend, Dillon, in execution of a mob contract. Early in the morning, I dropped the book on my night table, wondering what it was about The Friends of Eddie Coyle that had robbed me of sleep and held me captive from beginning to end.

I searched through the cast of characters and found none of them sympathetic, not a single one that I could identify with and care about. The narrative was certainly not compelling, in fact there was so little of it, it was more like stage direction in a play. No, it was the dialogue—dialogue that moved the action along at breakneck speed, and made me feel as though I were eavesdropping on a world of desperate, low-life criminals. This dialogue was successful because it was authentic and eminently readable.

He’s A Friend

There was the occasional phonetic spelling, such as using Broons for Bruins. Still in there, but he had some friends. I got an extra set of knuckles. Shut my hand in a drawer.

Eddie Guerrero & Rey Misterio - Best Friends

Then one of them stomped the drawer shut. Hurt like a fucking bastard.