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I have seen and heard a lot of singers and bands walk into a radio studio and its like they just walked on stage at the Opry. They end up losing focus during the interview and it sounds awful. Do not allow yourself to get "caught up in the moment". I know for people not accustomed to being in a radio studio, actually being there can feel glamorous and make you feel like you are "on your way".

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I'm here to tell you to cut that crap out right now. When you are rich and famous and your audience is married to you, then you can sit back during the interview and soak it all in.

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  • But at this point most of you are trying to sell tickets to that night's show so you can put gas in your Scion. Congressman Ron Klink D-Pa. I spotted him at a community event and ran over to ask him a question about some hot-button issue that had been in the news at the time.

    We probably needed a bridge fixed or something. Bridges in Pennsylvania are widely considered the worst in the country. I got his answer on tape, went back to the radio station to cut the audio, and aired the sound bytes during my newscasts the following morning. Then something funny happened. Later that day I was watching the news on one of the Pittsburgh television stations and there is Congressman Klink at a different event, being asked about the same issue I had grilled him about the previous day.

    You know what happened? He gave the exact same answer he gave me one day before. I remember thinking to myself, "WTF? Listen to me very closely, dear readers of Rocket to the Stars and Music Clout. You need to think about how you are going to respond to certain questions.

    6 pitfalls interviewers should avoid - The Business Journals

    Work on your delivery. Keep those answers and stories in your back pocket because you will need them at some point during an interview. Your fans are fans because they want you to entertain them. Part of that entertainment comes through the stories you tell and how you go about communicating them. I have seen so many singers, bands, politicians, professional athletes, community figureheads and others fall victim to bad interviews because the person interviewing them was bad at their job.

    Interviews are a lot like dancing in that both people need to know what they are doing for it to come off really well. In blogs like this one. There are two things you should always do prior to a live radio interview. The first thing you need to do is get on the phone and call the person interviewing you. Talk to them. An important thing I will try not to do is making gestures to emphasize my speech. Is it true? What do you think about it? I would never hold it against someone because I think the whole nature of interviewing will cause general nervousness. Best of luck!!!

    I have applied for a page position and have an interview in a couple of days, do you have any suggestions of questions I should ask? Hope that interview went well! In the future, I would ask about expectations of the job, any special projects, how one is evaluated, etc. Be expected to answer questions about how you handle difficult situations, juggle multiple tasks, etc…. But we want to see you at your best. Who wants to work with a complaining co-worker? However, we want you to be focused on this interview.

    We will understand. Clockwatching Related to the the above. Stop checking your watch, or the time on your phone.

    Ten interview pitfalls you need to avoid

    Inability to follow instructions e. We actually want you to do it as if we were students! Not answering the questions We asked a question. We want an answer. An honest answer. Overly Talkative Yes, we want you to be excited for the interview…and to answer our questions. But be careful: avoid being longwinded. Be friendly! Be courteous! Ask them questions! These people are your potential co-workers, students, or community members you might be dealing with.

    I get it. So do I. Not Doing the Homework Have you not looked at our website, our mission statement, long-term plans, and have you read up on our services and resources?

    Fit Interview — Pitfalls II

    Please do! We often look favorably on candidates who weave this into their interview. But NOT in an interview. At the end of an interview, always save time to let the candidate ask questions. Encourage it, and explain that the interview is just as much for them as it is for you.

    Otherwise, you might make an offer to an individual that will only stay until something better comes along. This way, the candidate has the opportunity to check up on him just the way he can the candidate. This is a great idea that I am going to start integrating into all my interviews from here on out. Like everything, the right way to interview will be unique to you and your company; it will take time and practice to find the formula that yields the best results for you.

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    The 5 Most Common Job Interview Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

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