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It is not a generic question and answer service or a place for publishing philosophical polemics. Please keep on topic or your comments will be edited or even not be published. You might find that a little bit of library research into some of the issues that perplex you would be very helpful. What kind of device were you using to observe the ISS? I have never observed the effect you are describing.

The whole thing must be a hoax then! That actually struck you as something worthy of remarking on? Dear Colm, thank you for the question. As to why it was done this way, the Apollo missions and their hardware were planned in the early s, back then the limitations of technology meant that a sophisticated spacecraft like the Apollo CSM needed to be looked after by a human pilot and human intervention was also essential for docking procedures, so one astronaut had to stay on board the CSM to do these tasks.

The Moon missions planned by the USSR link would have been similar with one cosmonaut landing while his comrade stayed in orbit. I know the moon is smaller than the Earth but can you explain why the photos show the horizons to be only a short distance away. In photos taken on Earth the horizon appears much further away.

Everything We Know About Dark Deception Chapter 3 & 4! (all screenshots analyzed)

Dear Steven, thanks for your question. It is hard to judge distances in images from the surface of the Moon due to the lack of familiar landmarks and atmospheric haze but there are images from later Moon missions which landed in more dramatic landscapes than Apollo 11 showing mountains which are several kilometres tall in the distance. Here are a couple from Apollo 17 : and. Thanks for an interesting article, with a lot of interesting links. I think all the comments are entirely valid.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, no matter how daft it may seem to others.

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Personally I am inclined to the view that the moon landings took place, but the photos were faked. This is because the photos are too good perfect …also I remember seeing a rather pursuasive program about this in which they pointed out an anomaly with the crosshairs. Not that it really matters…. But I have two questions for Admin 1 where can we find the results of all the lunar experiments ie what did we learn?

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I absolutely agree that every one is entitled to their opinions, but I hope you see that opinions and facts are not the same thing. One point in response is that the astronauts were actually trained to take clear photographs as efficiently as possible to document their activities.

Another point is that you are only seeing images that have been chosen for their clarity or visual appeal, but hundreds of photos were taken on each mission. Go through it and you will see the images that are out of focus, light struck, over- or under-exposed, misframed, taken by accident or otherwise defective. I would add too that nothing like Photoshop existed in the!

The best I can do for a start is direct you to the Preliminary Science report for each mission. Click on the links below these are big downloads, and see much bigger the later ones are! The Moon does indeed spin on its axis every You might have been confused by the fact that the Moon is in synchronous rotation around the Earth. It rotates about its axis in about the same time it takes to orbit the Earth so it always keeps the same face turned towards Earth.

Every moon in the Solar System is in synchronous rotation with the planet it orbits. My deepest sympathies on recieving such reponse to such a great article. In addition to the knowledge provided I also learnt here that how infinitely ignorant and baseless humans can be. I have to agree! I am impressed with your patience and longstanding with these replies.

The 10 Tell-Tale Signs of Deception

You somehow manage to maintain your calm and present the facts. It is amazing to me how some people can be so ignorant and refuse to see the facts and be proud of who we are as humans and how much we have achieved! Thanks for your hard work maintaining this website! The camera used seems to have functioned perfectly despite being in full sunlight in space.

This suggests that photography in space is not so difficult. Please provide a link stating that the cameras used on the Moon could not operate on the Moon and why they would not work. Something on the Moon being degrees F or even C, rocks, the ground, whatever, has no effect whatsover on anything else, such as a camera. The effects of the Sun on a camera can be mitigated by the use of insulation and reflective material. The one fact that proves the moon landings and the entire U. They need a reminder. I just want to make sure that it is stated that neon and some other gases are present on the moon, so how can we say that the flattering flag can be an issue?

I know that proper air air is not present but even then…………..

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Dear Kashaf, you are correct in that the Moon has indeed an atmosphere although I am not sure if neon has ever been detected there. Thank you for providing these explanations. I would appreciate if you could provide some feedback on the famous photo of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin while setting up the US flag. As it is on earth, the sun is far enough away from the moon that the rays of light that reach one general area on the planet may safely be regarded as being parallel.

https://zerewebpweal.tk This obviously would not be the case for a nearby light-source, Theoretically, the ratio of height to shadow of any object standing straight up is constant, if the ground is perfectly flat. Instead it is 3. Either slope The only way that I can think of a shadow length increase, would be by walking away from a nearby light source, like a post lamp. Certainly not the sun, because the sun rays are parallel to the surface. Dear Nick, thank you for your analysis. Clearly you have put a lot of effort into this but you may have made some simplifications and assumptions which may need addressed in the interest of accuracy.

You are looking along the shadow yet ignoring perspective when you measure its length on your screen. Short of someone laying a tape measure alongside the shadows when the film was made I have no idea how you could accurately measure their lengths. The surface is not perfectly flat it would be really odd if it was. I am pretty certain that in the images you are using that the astronauts and flag are standing in a depression and their shadows are falling on a gentle slope upwards, making the shadows shorter than they would be on a flat surface. Is this really what you would see though?

Would the astronaut closer to the nearby source not have a shorter shadow than the one further to the hypothetical source? Is this what the picture shows? Neil Amstrong did not admit it because he knew that if he did,he could be arrested like some of his fellows and on the ither hand,he believed that he had really been on the moon. Well, which is it? If the van allen radiation belt are as strong as the skeptics claim; what kind of protection would the astronauts need to protect themselves from this radiation?

Dear Abraham, thank you for your list of questions.

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You should begin your research by reading the documents I have linked to below. Apollo and the Van Allen Belts: an estimate of the radiation dose received link. The Deadly Van Allen Belts link. There is an issue, easily checked out from numerous videos of the take off, that the Apollo 11 craft did not accelerate fast enough to get on to a flight path that would take it to the Moon.

That it was so easy to make Moon trips nearly 50 years ago and return at some 25, miles per hour to a spot local to a recovery ship beggars belief. To the best of my knowledge that statement is indeed correct, but you are drawing an erroneous conclusion from it. The Apollo missions were not launched to the Moon in a single impulse like a cannon fired from a gun. Rather the first two stages of the Saturn 5 were used to place the complete third stage plus Apollo spacecraft in a low Earth orbit about nautical miles up.

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The third stage was later fired to send the complete assembly to the Moon. I am sure that you are aware that in achieving this the Apollo systems were not unique; in the same period the Soviet Union not only launched several Zond spacecraft, essentially unpiloted Soyuz spacecraft, around the Moon but also sent probes in the Luna series to the Moon which then returned samples of lunar material. These were successfully recovered on Earth too.

It was a disaster.